Programme and other news and events

  • EUSDR information for 1st call applicants
    - 27-10-2015

    In order to ease the 1st call applicants in finding relevant information concerning the EUSDR (in addition to the targets based on the action plan), the Joint Secretariat offers the possibility to directly link from the DTP programme website to...

  • Danube Transnational Programme leaflet
    - 22-10-2015

    The Danube Transnational Programme in a nutshell. Check what the programme and the projects are about in 7 basic questions. Download the DTP leaflet

  • Danube Transnational Programme in the Open Days
    - 20-10-2015

    The Danube Transnational Programme actively participated in the 13th European Week of Regions and Cities, better known as Open Days, which took place from 12 to 15 October 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. Specifically, some members of the Joint...

  • New Info Day in Kosice (Slovakia) on 15/10
    - 13-10-2015

    Check the whole list of Info Days in the Danube region

  • More than 200 people attended the InfoDay event in Belgrade
    - 08-10-2015

    Info Day regarding Danube transnational Programme for the period 2014-2020 held in Belgrade More than 200 participants attended the Info Day organised by the European Integration Office of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the Joint...

  • Kick-off event presentations, photos and video are now available
    - 22-07-2016

    All the presentations, photos and the video of the whole 1st day of the Danube Transnational Programme Kick-off event (Budapest, 23-24/09/2015) are now available at:

  • DTP Info Day in Serbia
    - 29-09-2015

    Info Day on the occassion of the opening the 1st Call for Proposals under the Danube Transnational Programme  will be held in Belgrade, on October 07, 2015 Serbian European Integration Office, Government of the Republic of Serbia in...

  • More than 600 people followed the Kick-off event
    - 22-07-2016

    More than 500 people in the venue and more than 100 online followed the Danube Transnational Programme Kick-off event held in Budapest on 23 and 24 September. During the event, the programme was presented and the first call for proposals was...

  • Info Days in Danube countries
    - 01-10-2015

    Apart from the Danube Transnational Programme Kick-off event (Budapest, 23-24/09), several Info Day events will be organised in the coming weeks at national level to promote the 1st call for proposals. We invite you to check the following...

  • Kick-off event
    - 15-09-2015

    The Kick-off event of the Danube Transnational Programme will be organised in Budapest on 23 and 24 September. 550 people will be able to attend the event. Those not having being accepted to participate can follow the first day of the event...

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