DTP event in Vienna - 27th September 2017


What is the Seed Money Facility?

Seed Money Facility (SMF) is a funding opportunity provided by the Danube Transnational Programme to support the development of projects in line with the 12 Priority Areas of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. With Seed Money support, projects can be prepared for further funding source, regardless the financial instrument to be addressed by the project developed, be it national, mainstream EU, transnational or cross border or by any other public or private investor (such as IFIs) or public-private partnership.


The developed projects must be:

  • Complex – projects which are comprehensive of different actions/activities meant to address wide scopes;
  • Strategic relevant for the Danube area, where the relevance is linked to core needs expressed by the Danube countries and endorsed by the Monitoring Committee;
  • Transnational – the effect of the project should go beyond the local/national need and address the wider Danube area in a macro-regional approach. 


What was the event about?

During the Seed Money Facility Event, information was given about:

  • Danube Transnational Programme and EUSDR
  • Seed Money Facility in general
  • Seed Money Facility call for proposal in particular (rules and procedures) - expected to be launched in autumn 2017
  • TOPICS ADDRESSED by the Seed Money Facility call
  • Existing financing opportunities for different topics

Around 120 stakeholders, decision-makers and potential partners, representing national, regional and local authorities, as well as other relevant actors interested in the Seed Money Facility participated in the event. Participants had the opportunity to meet and share their visions for potential project ideas with both EUSDR and funding programme representatives.

When and where?


You can have a look at the agenda, which contains practical information as well. ‚Äč



Presentations of the event

EUSDR: supporting the Danube Region

Presentation of the Danube Transnational Programme

Support to EUSDR project preparation: START/DSPF description

Support to EUSDR project preparation: START project experience

DTP Seed Money Facility

Financing opportunities for SMF projects: available funding instruments

Horizon 2020 Programme by Ralf König

Horizon 2020 Programme by mag. Darija Valancic

LIFE Programme

ERASMUS+ Programme

Event moments


Picture credit: House of the EU, Vienna


Picture credit: House of the EU, Vienna


Picture credit: DTP JS


Picture credit: DTP JS

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