First joint meeting between the DTP and the EUSDR


On the 13th and 14th of June, the representatives of DTP participating countries met in Belgrade for the 5th Meeting of the Monitoring Committee (MC). Important topics were raised and fruitful discussions held.

DTP Monitoring Committee Meeting, Belgrade, 13th June

Important items were on the agenda of the event generating fruitful discussions and reaching final agreements and decisions. The most important topic was the launching of the Seed Money Facility Call in September 2017 supporting the development of projects in line with the objectives of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). An overview of the implementation of the projects approved in the 1st DTP Call for Proposals was presented as well as figures about the recently closed 2nd Call.  The latest revised version of the Cooperation Programme, adopted on 12th of June, allowed ENI partners from Ukraine and Moldova to participate in this 2nd Call projects, as full partners. 


Joint DTP Monitoring Committee – EUSDR National Coordinators Meeting, Belgrade, 14th June

The first joint meeting of the DTP Monitoring Committee and the National Coordinators (NC) of the EUSDR proved to be a very successful one as consensus was reached in all matters! First, the launching of the Seed Money Facility Call was welcomed by the EUSDR National Coordinators with great appreciation and the active and effective cooperation between the DTP and EUSDR was once again emphasized. Proposals for the continuation of the Danube Strategy Point are to be analysed by the NCs and decision brought to the knowledge of the DTP. The joint DTP-EUSDR Annual Forum to take place in October 2017 was also revisited and opinions exchanged. Registration for the event will be open from the end of August, so stay tuned! ‚Äč

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