D2C - Stork's story


The Dare to Connect project is all about a species migration. It regards not only ground migration but also water and air ones. Migration is a subject of monitoring of natural scientists and one of methods is bird ringing. It is simple, a bird is carefully captured by trained person, a ring is attached to its leg and bird is released. If the same bird is at another place captured somehow again, photographed (long lens inevitable) or found dead, information from the ring are sent to database and then it is possible to find where the bird came flying from.  

So, read "story" of one of ringed bird. It is the stork who couldn't fly and it was in danger of being eaten by feral dogs. The stork was found near village Eselnita in the Dare to Connect projetc's pilot area in Romania. The finder announced finding to the mayor`s office which called the Iron Gates Natural Park administration, the D2C project partner, to see what is possible to do. The bird was taken and for one week it was a `guest` at the Information and Documentation Center in Dubova. After its recovery, the bird said goodbye to its hosts and left for warmer places.

The stork was ringed so we are able to collect information about ringing, see below.Information about capturing are added too so we have got a set of information which is worth of gold. Basic information is that it was ringed only 7 days earlier in Hungarian location Szaporca, 357 km from the site of finding. Anyway, there is more information in records:  

Ringing information: 
Species: White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) [1340]
Age: Reported: 1y [3]; Concluded: 1y [3]
Sex: Reported: Unknown [U]; Concluded: Unknown [U]
Date (YYYY.MM.DD.): 2021.08.11.
Place: Szaporca (Ős-Dráva Látogató Központ, Major), Baranya, Hungary [HG30]
Geocoordinates: 45°48'6"N 18°5'29"E
Accuracy of coordinates: +-100 m [E]
Status: Unknown/Uncoded [U]
Ringer: Wágner László 375
Notes: 2021.08.01-én Kásádon lett befogva, sántított és le volt gyengülve. 

Recovery information: 

Verification: Ring NOT verified by scheme [0]
Species: White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) [1340]
Age: Reported: - [0]; Concluded: 1y [3]
Sex: Reported: Unknown [U]; Concluded: Unknown [U]
Condition: Found sick, wounded, unhealthy etc. and not (known if) released [5]
Circumstances: found, bird or its body mentioned in recovery letter [01]
Circumstances presumed: No doubt about the circumstances[0]
Date (YYYY.MM.DD.): 2021.08.18.
Accuracy of date: Accurate to the day [0]
Place: Eselnita, Timiooara, Romania [RO59]
Geocoordinates: 44°41'0"N 22°22'0"E
Accuracy of coordinates: +-5 m [B]
Status: Unknown/Uncoded [U]
Finder: Amalia Dumbravá
Moved before recovery: Not moved [0]
Distance: 357 km; 109 degrees
Elapsed time: 0 year(s) 0 month(s) 7 day(s) [7]
Reference: 2021/2401 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)