CINEMA - Creative support of enterprises in Kamnik / Slovenia


The CINEMA project supports the revitalisation of empty or neglected floorspaces in European cities with the help of the creative industries. It is recognised that small businesses are the basis for a healthy and successful municipality and that they provide impetus for the growth and development of the wider area as well. One well-advanced example is the Slovenian City of Kamnik. In cooperation with the KIKštarter cooperative, Kamnik Tourism and Sports Agency as well as the Kotlovnica youth centre, and with the support of the European CINEMA project, the Municipality of Kamnik is engaging in a number of activities to rejuvenate the town centre and increase its attractiveness to local residents, businesses and, of course, tourists.

With its array of events and knowledge, as well as the co-working opportunities it provides, the KIKštarter cooperative is making a considerable contribution to the realisation of this vision. As space is limited and they are keen to contribute even more to the revitalisation of the town, they have embarked, as part of the CINEMA project, on an inventory of vacant commercial properties in the town centre. This was in response to the fact that there was no up-to-date database of vacant properties containing a basic description, the purpose of the property, photographs and the rental costs – things that will be of exceptional importance for the further development and revitalisation of Kamnik. The database provides a platform for connecting owners and those who require a space in which to work and produce.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)