URBforDAN - School children at the new nature adventure trail in Vienna


Joyful and playful learning about the nature in the city


For a long time nothing was possible on site because the Covid situation made meetings with many people impossible. But now the new nature experience trail - away from the daily, unorganised visits - has been put through its paces and tried out by children from the Klenaugasse primary school in Vienna-Donaustadt. There was great excitement among the children and they were eager to try out the individual interactive stations. Making it possible for children and adults to experience and learn about the diverse nature in the city is the aim of this nature trail, which was created as part of the Interreg project URBforDAN. With the adventure trail, children are taught a piece of natural history in the city.


Children dived into the history of the forest with relish


Who breeds here in the reeds and for whom is the bay the perfect nursery? Why do beavers fell trees and why can you find stone quivers here? Who determines whether the alluvial forest is soft or hard and does it also need to be protected from floods? Here, the pupils have dived into the history of the bay and the forest with relish and got to know its animal inhabitants. Afterwards, the children were even able to visit the sterlet breeding station of the EU project "LIFE-Sterlet" and received a URBforDAN toolkit for their great commitment.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)