DANOVA - A report from the meeting about DANOVA in Moldova


Recently, project partners from the Technical University of Moldova had a meeting with the administration of Chisinau Airport and Border Police representatives, during which they presented the project “DANOVA: Innovative transportation services for blind and partially sighted passengers in the Danube Region”.
The participants also discussed the possible assessment of the Airport building (access roads) regarding the facilities for the mobility of visually impaired passengers based on a methodology developed within the project. The representatives of Chisinau International Airport confirmed the topicality of the approached subject and accepted the preparation of such an evaluation, which will be carried out jointly with the project team.
The Chisinau Airport is located at the junction between the commercial roads of Asia and Europe and is the main air gateway of the Republic of Moldova. Being situated 13 km away from the center of the capital, the Chisinau Airport is the main and biggest airport of the Republic of Moldova.
The Airport administration is interested in the design process of a new concept of a transportation system that is fully accessible to blind and partially sighted passengers. As a result, a collaboration was agreed upon with a common understanding of the next steps to be taken.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)