DIONYSUS - DIONYSUS project partner the Maritime Ports Administration Constanta continues to successfully promote the development of the Danube inland waterway transport


During the last six months MPAC continued its work on promoting the development of the Danube inland waterway transport, as several milestones have been achieved in this regard.

Following the 1st Workshop on Container Liner Services, which was organized online on 10 December 2020), MPAC initiated and further expanded a Stakeholders Reference Group, with the contribution of all the Dionysus consortium partners.  The group of stakeholders will be periodically updated with key information and achievements related to the overall project activity and will have a key-role as in offering support by providing valuable and realistic feedback.

Three port community representatives meeting were also organized online on 11 March, 2 April and 16 April, having as main purpose the clarification of the details for the realization of the deliverable dealing with Fairway maintenance impact analysis - which will evaluate the high impact of available fairway depth on transport efficiency and competitiveness – and the project output Fairway maintenance impact calculation tool. The calculations made with the help of the tool will put the impact of the fairway maintenance with guaranteed fairway depths on market size and profitability into figures, thus contributing to a fact and figure-based infrastructure policy of the Danube states.

Also, MPAC initiated and finalized the deliverable collecting information on the participation in policy and logistic events, 2020 edition, as a strategic concept for the increased awareness and promotion of Danube waterway transport in the European transport policy framework and towards the transport & logistics markets.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)