D2C - Collaboration in fight with invasive species



Migration of species has got various consequences, not only good but also bad. One of them is a spreading of invasive species. Romanian D2C project partner Iron Gates Nature Park Administration has launched a collaboration with the Geography Faculty of University Bucharest focused on implementation of active measure regarding the combating a distribution of the invasive species Asclepias Syriaca in Ostrovul Moldova Veche Wetland, a protected area in the middle of the Danube, located in the European Green Belt. This island has been choosen due importance of located here, most of them being priority interest habitat. It is also the only place of occurrence of Colchicum arenarium, a species of community interest,  in the iron Gates Natural Park. That is why an eliminating of invasive  Asclepias Syriaca is very important.

The first step of collaboration was mowing of 0,50 hectare of the habitat (category 6240*Sub-Pannonic steppic grasslands) to get rid of invasive milkweed (on Monday May 31, 2021). This plant is very aggressive at the island (as well as in Romania on the whole) but up to now nobody has taken any action to limit it in the area. Further plan of the natural park administration is to mow and remove Asclepias Syriaca from this island, organizing mowing with the faculty at least two time per year. Next working event is planned in August or September, depending on the weather and plant’s way to grow.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)