CD SKILLS - CeliVita’s Celiac Disease Awareness Month activities


During Celiac Disease Awareness Month, CeliVita put its effort into raising the awareness about the importance of proper food labeling and food information dissemination.

As a part of D.T4.3.1 Development and implementation of gluten-free products registry, CeliVita approached major food producers, established companies, using storytelling tools for raising the awareness and inviting producers to provide relevant and correct food information, especially regarding gluten content.

Link to the Storytelling web page

CeliVita is aware that there are small food producers and caterers, working exclusively in a gluten free environment, producing only gluten free food, who are struggling with production and promotion of their products. They organized special events for these producers/caterers with the aim to get better insight into their manufacturing processes, traceability of used raw materials and quality control with the aim to get safe gluten free products. Their inputs will be used in creation of gluten free products registry as well as in D.T.4.3.2 Improved capacity of food catering providers to provide safe gluten free products, since some of the caterer's challenges lay in proper gluten free products selection.

“Small producers”, as they call them, agreed that events like the one, organized within the CD SKILLS project, are welcome, and enable them to learn and share their experience with production of gluten free products and learn about projects and initiatives that could help them in their everyday work and in achieving their mission.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)