CD SKILLS - Improving knowledge of health care professionals in the Children’s Hospital Zagreb


A pediatric gastroenterologist Zrinjka Mišak from Children's hospital Zagreb presented a lecture about celiac disease and importance of strict gluten-free diet for nurses working in Children's Hospital Zagreb. The main aim was to raise awareness and to mark the Celiac disease awareness week (International Celiac Disease day).

Photo: Foto von Karolina Grabowska von Pexels, 23.5.2021

The lecture about celiac disease was focusing on when to suspect it, how to diagnose it and how to treat it. The importance of strict gluten-free diet and complications caused by non-adhering to the diet were stressed.

She presented also the CD SKILLS project together with e-learning tools developed within Focus in CD project and updated do to new celiac disease guidelines 2020 in the CD SKILLS project.

Photo: Presentation first slide_Zrinjka Mišak

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)