MELIA Observatory - Jean Monnet Academic MELI Module


One of the noticable projects dealing with medial litarcy on Faculty of Media in Slovenia - Ljubljana is the Jean Monnet MELI Module - MEDIA LITERACY MODULE FOR ACTIVE CITIZENS leading by the Profesor Dr. Mateja Rek.

The project is a response to the burning issues across EU referring to the growing exposure of EU citizens to disinformation and fake news in digital media and a corresponding need to build resilience to such phenomenon. It will inform students of media and journalist studies on policies in the area of Digital Single Market in the EU, focusing especially on the issues of media literacy, tackling online disinformation and EU active citizenship.

The MELI Module is Jean Monnet teaching academic programme where:
- enhancing the awareness of EU challenges referring to exposure of citizens to large scale disinformation, including misleading or outright false information to ensure the protection of European values and democracy;

- promoting the role of media literacy and building media literacy skills aiming to enable EU citizens to navigate the modern news environment and make informed decisions;

- promoting excellence in teaching and research in EU studies at HEI, which has not yet obtained Jean Monnet funding;

- nforming students of communication, media and journalism studies on policy developments in the area of Digital Single Market in the EU;

- promoting research and first teaching experience for young researchers and scholars in media studies, emphasizing EU issues;

- creating academic added value by fostering debate, transfers of knowledge and research results in the field of media literacy and active citizenship in the EU in the scientific community and relevant stakeholders from civil society, media and
- creating interest in the EU's' perspective on media literacy and active citizenship on local, national, EU level and Partner countries;

- delivering tailor-made courses including EUs’ perspective on media literacy and active citizenship relevant for graduates of media and journalism studies in their professional life;

- fostering the introduction of an EU angle into study programmes and courses, which currently do not contain EU related studies.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)