Would you like to immerse yourself in the beauty and discover the secrets of less popular places along the Danube?

12 Tours are revealing the secrets of cities along the Danube in 6 different countries. The tours were created within the DANUrB project (2017-2019) and are available for everyone on the PocketGuide application for FREE.

PocketGuide is a location-based mobile application that guides you through the city by voice, just like a real tour guide. Once you have downloaded the tour you have chosen, you can use it in an offline mode. The DANUrB project aimed at creating a regional network through tourism and education to strengthen the “Danube” cultural identity and solidarity. Part of achieving this goal was giving the opportunity to every travel enthusiast to visit and learn about less popular places along the Danube River.

Let us start our virtual tours along the Danube!

Follow the flow and end your journey in the Danube Delta. The Wachau Valley Cycling Tour will be a perfect kickstart for our tour.  You can stop by the Melk Abbey Church, visit the Dürnstein Castle, taste the world-famous mustard and famous selection of wines, and many more;

A truly Danubian treasure. You can enjoy the architecture and the industrial heritage of the city. Don’t miss the Ráckeve Boat Mill on the Danube.

Check out its hidden art, where heroes and globe-trotters were born, taste the best fish soup in the whole world, and many more.

Stroll around the city and visit the Roman Military Camp, Steel Statue park, churches, museums, nature, and many more.

Walk around the streets of two countries, stop by the Cathedral of Esztergom, end your journey in Štúrovo and  the famous Simon and Jude Market, enjoy the majestic views of the Danube.

From Devin to Bratislava by boat! Immerse yourself in the medieval history, the castles, and marvelous views on the banks of the Danube.

Visit the most charming places in the twin-cities. Stroll around the fortification system with old and new fortresses, historical buildings, churches, and many more;

Check out the beautiful landscape, historical heritage, monasteries, monumental statue of Decebalus, Dubova Cave, Traianus Table, Trikule’s ruins, and many more.

Experience the mysterious nature and interesting history, go to the Tikivara Beach on the Serbian side, visit the Ilok Castle and Museum in Croatia, and many more;

Check out the lands of myths and legends, visit the Monument of Liberty in Ruse, the Strand in Giurgiu, and many more;

Take part in this adventurous treasure hunt either alone or in a group. At the end of the tour, if you have paid attention to the instructions, you will reveal the secret of the game. Do not forget to download the Game Sheet in advance.

Experience the breathtaking views, the silence and tranquility of the area, stop by the Lake Ciupera, Monument Eroiol, and many more;

Did you enjoy the tours?

THREE additional DANUrB+ tours are yet to come.

To strengthen the creation of a spatio-cultural comprehensive network, the “Danube cultural promenade”, as a continuation of the successful DANUrB programme, the tours will focus on selected shrinking cities along the Danube. Which are these? Follow us and stay tuned!


Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA).

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)