STRIDE - STRIDE Project Animation is Underway


The Communication Manager, EIfI-Tech, is currently overseeing the development of an animated project video, which shall provide a general project overview and a walkthrough of why the STRIDE project is needed and how it will have a lasting positive impact — by improving energy security and energy efficiency through the development of regional analyses, developed strategies, action plans and other tools (methodologies, guidebook, digital platform).

The STRIDE animation shall also display through visually appealing animations, the concept behind ‘smart grids’, from the planning to the operation and then maintenance of the grid on one side; and on the other side, from production to transmission to distribution and end-use. A focus shall be placed on visualising the digital STRIDE Danube Smart Energy Platform, a digital communication platform on which a network of experts, policy makers, stakeholders from all target groups can meet and discuss smart grids and other energy related topics. The digital platform will not be limited within the partnership but will be free for all interested and partners will involve members from the whole Danube Region.

The animation will be concise and compatible for use across a range of digital media/platforms.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)