Danube Cycle Plans - Vienna: Bicycle traffic increased by 12% in 2020


Cycling in Vienna increases resilience in times of crisis. Despite lockdown, distance learning, and working from home, Viennese have relied on their pedals more often than ever in the past year. In 2020, bicycle counters recorded more than 9 million people on bicycles, which is 12 percent more than in the previous year.

Photo: goga18128.mail.ru / Depositphotos.com

The strongest increase was in May (+ 45%). However, there was also more cycling in the winter months, for example in November it was almost 18.6% more and in January even by 39.5% always compared to the relevant month of the previous year 2019.

More cyclists in the winter show that the weather is not an obstacle either, and cycling in cities can be accessible all year round.

Photo: © Mobility Agency Vienna / Fahrrad Wien, Quelle: Auswertung der automatischen Dauerzählstellen für den Radverkehr, MA 46, Stadt Wien.


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