ENI funds available for the 2nd call


This spring is historical for the ETC. The Danube Transnational Programme has paved the way to true cooperation in the Danube Region, by integrated the ENI funds for Moldovan and Ukrainian partners with the ERDF and IPA funds. Symbolically, the 2nd call for proposals was launched on the Europe day, 9th May which celebrates unity in Europe. We, the DTP, unified the vast territory of the Programme, by integrating the funds and enabling the same grounds of action for all partners, indistinctivily from which partner state they come.

From the 2nd call for proposals, the ENI partners are eligible for financing and the ENI amount available for the 2nd call is 4,653,192.00 EUR. More information about the call can be found here.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)