REDISCOVER - Book review of the gorgeous Windows of Celebration


There is no better thing in the world when your efforts "pays-off" and we are really feel sorry for the impossibility of the translation, but we can't put Zsolt Kácsor's superlatives other way but Hungarian as he wrote them: párját ritkítóan színvonalas könyv (unparalleled quality book), egyedi csoda (unique miracle), valójában műtárgy (real piece of art) etc. Thank you for this book review.

Zsolt Kácsor wrote an amazing book review of our book called Windows of Celebrations in the New Synagogue of Szeged on the site of The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ). As we wrote earlier this book introduces the spectacular stained glass windows of the New Synagogue in Szeged and also rediscoveres the outstanding work of the forgotten stained glass artist Manó Róth.


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