GREEN DANUBE - have selected critical areas for air emission measurements


After a common analysis with all partners involved and applying the developed list of criteria based mainly on the importance of the Danube area for the preservation of biodiversity and landscapes, improvement of environmental conditions in the rural and urban areas located along the Danube, the intensity of inland vessels traffic, common border areas, 4 (four) critical environmental areas located along the Danube were selected. The key points in the common analysis were to identify the most relevant areas to meet as many of the assessment criteria as possible.

The selection of these critical environmental areas demonstrate the highly importance given by partners to protect natural areas along the Danube and to find out if these areas can be affected by air pollution caused by the inland navigation traffic vessels.

The project activities will offer the opportunity to find out the impact of air pollutant emissions on the rural and urban areas located along the Danube, and thus on human health.

The four critical environmental areas selected were chosen by the majority of the partners in the GREEN DANUBE consortium where measurements of air pollutant emissions will be performed:

  1. Danube Delta: Sulina Channel (RO) Mm 0-Mm 34;  
  2. Iron Gates I (RO-RS) Km 930-Km 947;
  3. Gemenc (HU) Km 1475-Km 1480; 
  4. Engelhartszell-Confluence of the Danube and Inn river (DE-AT) Km 2200- Km 2224.                                       

The selection was done after a common analysis of 10 (ten) environmentally critical areas along the Danube River.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)