DARLINGe - Stakeholder trainings in 6 countries with over 200 participants


One of the main dissemination events of the DARLINGe project were the stakeholder trainings on the use of the Danube Region Geothermal Information Platform, the interactive web-page of the project, and the various methods developed for the sustainable management of transboundary geothermal reservoirs (benchmarking, decision tree and risk mitigation).

In early September each country organized a national training for its stakeholders:

  • Hungary: September 2 - Szeged and September 12 - Zalakaros
  • Slovenia: September 12 - Moravske Toplice
  • Croatia: September 12 - Tuheljske Toplice
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: September 9 - Bijelina
  • Serbia: September 10 - Bogatic
  • Romania: September 10 - Timisoara

The events were more than successful, altogether over 200 participants attended, mostly local people from the transboundary pilot areas, who expressed their apprciation and interest of using both the portal and the tools in their every day work.

The national trainings were followed by jointly organised cross-border field trips, where participants visited the Szeged geothermal district heating system (HU), thermal spa of Palic (SRB), thermal spa complex of Moravske Toplice (SLO) and the geothermal power plant of Velika Ciglena (HR).

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)