The DTP at the #EURegionsWeek


The Danube Transnational Programme played a relevant role in the EU Week of Regions and Cities celebrated in Brussels on 7-10 October 2019, when the programme and its projects were present in several activities and workshops organised during the Week. The main moments of the DTP participation were:

- CityWalk was nominated finalist of the RegioStars Awards in the category 'Building climate-resilient cities' and finally it got the highest number of online votes, among the 235000 votes submitted, and it won the Public Choice Award. The Award Ceremony took place on 9th October. More information here.

- DTP organised a joint workshop with the other Interreg Transnational Programmes under the title: The future of transnational cooperation: what impact in a changing Europe?

The workshop covered three main relevant issues in Transnational Cooperation such as risk management, energy efficiency and enterpreneurship, what achievements were reached in these topics and in which way transnational programmes have an added value into tackling them. At first place, an Interact representative introduced the session with the help of some project representatives for each of the topics, and then, for the next 60 minutes, the participants and the registered audience were divided into 3 groups/corners covering the three selected topics. In each group, there were a moderator, some experts, the topic-related project representatives coming from different Interreg transnational programmes and the rest of participants who registered. Gregor Gregoric, from the DTP project DriDanube, participated in the working group about Risk management and he explained to the rest of participants the results achieved by his project in combating drought in the Danube region. Many participants attended the workshop sharing their projects' experiences and achievements to really understand the tangible impact on the ground of Interreg projects.

The workshop is a follow-up of the July 2019 Panorama Magazine issue focused on Interreg transnational added value.


- DTP also participated in the workshop 'Interreg Talks: Climate Change' organised by Interact. Climate Change is currently an important threat to the Danube Region, and it will continue to be in the future. DTP projects confront risks such as floods or drought which contribute to face climate change in our Region. This was the idea behind the participation of a DTP JS representative in the workshop. More information here.

- DTP participated in the stand #MadeWithInterreg organised by Interact in the Agora exhibition area. The stand presented how some projects approved by the DTP and other Interreg programmes have contributed to three selected topics: A Europe closer to citizens, The future of regions and cities and A greener Europe. 


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)