Together, it's better


Fragmentation usually never leads to anything good. When it comes to counteracting it, our projects jump in. The DANUBEparksCONNECTED comes in as a safeguard of the Danube habitats and carefully mend the damaged puzzles of the cohesive ecosystem. Along the road, comes the Danube STREAM with its expertise in establishing and maintaining an efficient and environmentally friendly transportation network.

We are glad that the Danube Transnational Programme is providing the context in which the  Danube-wide cross-sector cooperation among waterway and nature conservation sector  is happening! The cross-sectoral conference organized jointly by the DANUBEparksCONNECTED and Danube STREAM will take place in Dunakiliti/Hungary, April 26-27.

We are sure the outcomes of the projects themselves and their joint cooperation will testify how much can be done when men speaks for nature.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)