ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Report from the Third Capacity Building Seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina


For the purpose of Work package 5 implementation within the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Project, the working group prepared, organised and held the Third Capacity Building Seminar in the Town of Mostar, (Herzegovina Neretva Canton) which is located in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The third B&H CBS was attended by representatives from local (town and municipality level), regional-cantonal level, Federal level and State administration level.

  • Town Mostar,
  • Municipality Čapljina,
  • Municipality Čitluk,
  • Municipality Ravno,
  • Municipality Ljubiški,
  • Agency “Old Bridge” Mostar,
  • Ministry of building and  spatial planning Herzegovina Neretva Canton
  • Institute for spatial planning and environmental protection of Herzegovina Neretva canton
  • Institute for spatial planning and urbanism Zenica Doboj Canton
  • Instutute for Statistics of FB&H
  • Federal Institute for Agropedology
  • Federal Institute for Development Programming
  • Federal Institute for Geology
  • Federal Hydro meteorological Agency

The Third Capacity Building Seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The workshop was attended by 30 participants from 17 different institutions.  On this occasion the results of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project were presented. Internet platforms for monitoring territorial attractiveness indicators were also presented. Specific indicators of territorial attractiveness were presented for the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We have managed to share experience from other cantons, regarding GIS and the method of dealing with GIS problems. Our colleague Damir Črnila had a presentation  “GeoStat online platform for presenting spatial data” at Zenica-Doboj Canton (which is modified STAGE or TAMP platform).

The participants were introduced a   "Memorandum of Understanding" that would enhance the cooperation of institutions at different levels or multi sectoral level of government. At the workshop we took the opportunity and we handed over the already signed Memorandum of Understanding to the following institutions:

  • Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Fedral institute for Agropedology,
  • Federal Institute of Geology and
  • Federal Institute for Development Programming.


The Third Capacity Building Seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)