DARLINGe - meet us at the European Geothermal Congress


The European Geothermal Congress will be held in The Hague, The Netherlands, June 11-14, 2019 http://europeangeothermalcongress.eu/

This event is the largest geothermal congress in Europe, which brings together the entire European geothermal sector and attracts many from outside the continent. 

We are proud to announce that DARLINGe will have eight presentations at this prestigious event: 

  1. Nádor et al: Danube Region geothermal strategy and information system to support the decarbonisation of the heating sector (oral)
  2. Ádám et al: Application of a novel geological risk mitigation scheme in the Danube Region (oral)
  3. Rotár-Szalkai et al: New harmonized method for outlining transboundary geothermal reservoirs and resource assessment (oral)
  4. Milenić et al: Concept of cascade use of geothermal energy in district heating system of Bogatic, Serbia (poster)
  5. Kun et al: Hydrodynamic and heat transport 3D modelling of the Pannonian Basin, HU-SRB-RO - pilot area of the DARLINGe project (poster)
  6. Marković et al: Utilization of geothremal aquifers in N-ern Croatia (poster)
  7. Szőcs et al: Benchmarking methodology to foster energy production efficiency (poster)
  8. Rman et al: Assessment of thermal water utilization in the S-ern part of the Pannonian Basin (poster)

You are kindy invited to visit our presentations!

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)