CrowdStream - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 28.05.2019 Varna, Bulgaria


Venue:Graffit Gallery Hotel (, 65, Knyaz Boris I blvd., Varna, Bulgaria

The partners of the project CrowdStream(CROWDfunding to mainSTREAM innovation) are delighted to invite you to the final event of the project hosted by project partner UBBSLA in Varna, Bulgaria.

The conference will be held on Tuesday, May 28th 2019 at Graffit Gallery Hotel (, 65, Knyaz Boris I blvd., Varna, Bulgaria. Please registerusing the registration form:

12th of May, 2019. 

The Conference on CrowdFunding will be held in English.

At the final event, we will address the obstacles of cross border crowdfunding for building  and sustaining the trust in the alternative finance industry. At openpanel onSrowdStream with  the key speaker Ms.Claudia Singer – EUSDR PA10, main strategy contributions are plannedwith the thematic experts from the field of alternative financing. We will also present all project results, which can be replicatedin many countries.

At the first panel, titled Quality framework for alternative finance, Mr Dragan Kovachevich– AEI, Austriawill be joined byMr Marko Helfrih, univ.spec.admin.urb. in ZICER, Croatia,  Mr Daniel Horak - CONDA and Mr Rudolf Kinsky– AVCO, Austria. They will address topics such as ensuring high quality for cross border crowdfunding, alternative financing and crowdfunding experience in Austria. Their discussion will be followed by a second panel titled Capacity building, chaired by Mr.Matjaz Friz – STP, Slovenia.  

The panellists of the second panel MrsTanya Senekovich– STP, Slovenia; Mr.Robert Nemet – PBN, Hungary; Ms. Alexandra Pintilie– CPU, Austriaand Mr Jan Jares– JAIP, Chezh Republicwill share their views on increasing knowledge and capacity of relevant actors on qualitative crowdfunding, alternative financing for energy projects and impressions from CrowdStream pilot trainings and field missions.

The panellists of the final sessionMrsSilvia Shtumpf  – Business Agency Varna, Bulgaria; Mrs.Venceslava Yanchovska - Ivanova – Innovation Norway, Bulgaria; Ms. Lilyana Savova– ITERA Institute – Varna, Bulgariaand MrsPolina Antonova–Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovations, Varna, Bulgariawill share their experience on innovative services provided by the Business Pre-Accelerator of the North-East of Bulgaria, EEA and Norway grants for start-ups and green industry, European Digital Bootcamps and starting successful business.

CrowdStreamproject – CROWDfunding to mainstream innovation – helps cities and BSOs in the Danube Region to support Crowdfunding as a potential tool to close the financial gap for start-ups and SMEs. The project addresses the challenge to create new innovative support services for small enterprises.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)