Linking Danube - Local Learning and Dissemination workshops are starting


We are happy to announce that we are starting to organise the Local Learning and Dissemination workshops in each project partner country.


The first workshops will be organised in Slovakia and Hungary. The workshop in Slovakia is organised by the Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK) and will take place on 21st February 2019 in the building of the ZSSK in Bratislava.

The workshop is organized with the main goal of introducing and presenting the LinkingDanube project and its outputs to relevant national stakeholders. National experts as well as high level relevant stakeholders like Ministry of Transport and Construction and Bratislava Integrated Transport are invited to attend the workshop.

The event will include an interactive part, whereby all of the participants will have an opportunity to experience the outputs of the project (the Journey planner and the Danube Scout) first-hand. The workshop will be completed by a group discussion, during which the participating stakeholders will be asked to provide their opinions about the project by way of filling out of a feedback form.

You will find here the agenda of the LinkingDanube workshop in Bratislava.


The second local dissemination workshop of LinkingDanube will be organized in Budapest on the 22th of February.

During the workshop presentations will be held about the aims and results of the project, which will be followed by an interactive group work about new technological development and the future of route planning systems.

Local transport operators, services providers and researchers will gather to discuss expectations towards linking services, previous experience with similar attempts, technological issues, organizational problems, legal burdens, which may appear and the potential application of the concept including future perspectives.

You will find here the agenda of the LinkingDanube workshop in Budapest.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)