DAPhNE - project promotion at conferences in Austria and Germany


DAPhNE project partners have been from the beginning very active in participating at relevant conferences and promoting the project amongst stakeholders. Here comes a summary about the latest conferences attended.

Danube Business Talks in Vienna, Austria

On 10 and 11 October 2018 the Danube Business Talks were organized in Vienna by via donau. This event is a successful business platform for innovative transport and logistics solutions on the Danube with international entrepreneurs, experts and all other stakeholders interested in the transport industry along this European waterway participating.

This year the focus was on new markets for Danube logistics in the European bioenergy and biomass sector. In addition, potentials for passenger transport on the Danube for the first time. However, further impulses are needed, above all at national and international political level to further promote the Danube as a transport mode.

Thus, Manfred Seitz (Pro Danube International) and Theresia Hacksteiner (European Barge Union) presented a "Draft Findings Paper" to Norbert Hofer and Désirée Oen with the wishes of the industry on the Danube and declarations of the umbrella organisations European Barge Union, European Skippers' Organisation as well as Pro Danube International and Pro Danube Austria. The task is clear: to build the future of the Danube together on today's successes.

PDI, iC, EHOO and FHOO attended the Danube Business Talks and promoted the DAPhNE project. In addition, colleagues from FHOO involved in the INTERREG projects Danube Skills and DANTE attended the Danube Business Talks.

Shipping Technics Logistics in Kalkar, Germany

Germany's only trade fair for inland navigation - Shipping Technics Logistics (STL) – was organized on 25 and 26 September 2018 in Kalkar, Germany. Participants came from all over Europe. The fair included a fair programme as well as lectures by experts.

STL is an internationally known fair of the maritime and inland waterway industry supported by the Schifferbörse Ruhrort and all other associations of the inland navigation industry. Different areas - from freight and passenger shipping to shipyards, ports and installation technology – are covered during the fair. Well-known engine manufacturers and suppliers from Europe are exhibiting as well as ship suppliers and companies dealing with far-reaching environmental issues. This year, the fair theme was "ENVIRONMENT".

FHOO had the opportunity to present the project DAPhNE at the fair – a colleague involved in the INTERREG project Danube Skills also informed participants about the DAPhNE project. Link to fair’s website: http://www.shipping-technics-logistics.de/

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)