Save the date: “Tourism meets Bioeconomy” capitalization workshop


A capitalization workshop with the working title: “Tourism meets Bioeconomy” is waiting for you as a side event during the Annual Forum on 18 October 2018. The event is planned by Priority Area 8 and DanuBioValNet project. PA8 and DanuBioValNet are involved due to the commitment of cross-cluster cooperation and the broad scope of the bio-based economy, that needs to penetrate all sectors to be implemented successfully. Therefore, a great potential in connecting PA "tourism" with PA "competitiveness of enterprises" and also with the bio-based industry is seen. Please see the working document of their thoughts which also includes concrete examples of the connection of bioeconomy and tourism.

The draft agenda foresees following:

  1. Opening, welcome speech
  2. Introduction to the workshop topic (BIOPRO) and setting the scene for tourism (PA3), renewable energy (PA2), biodiversity (PA6), enterprises (PA8)
  3. Presentation of 1-2 “best practice” examples tbc
  4. Presentations of the Priority Areas Coordinator in connection with tourism (2 Renewable Energy, 3 Culture and Tourism, 6 Biodiversity & Landscapes, 8 Competitiveness of Enterprises) with concrete thoughts to the tourism sector.
  5. Group discussions in the World Café format

The workshop is aimed at establishing innovative partnerships from tourism and adjacent sectors, that currently might not be regarded to play a key role for tourism.


The objective is to identify potentials of tourism in connection with bioeconomy in the Danube region. New cooperation between actors that are not yet connected shall be fostered for innovative partnerships and project ideas. This refers also directly to the DanuBioValNet WP6, Pilot Actions for developing new project ideas, proposals and projects in respect to clusters or its participants and the bio-based industry.

We hope to see you in great number at this event!


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)