MOVECO - Start of exhibition „The circular economy in the Danube region“


From August 13 to September 20, 2018, the EU project MOVECO will be presenting a free exhibition on the circular economy at the Augsburg Technology Centre in Germany. Afterwards, it will travel further to Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria until the summer of 2019.

MOVECO mobile exhibition "The circular economy in the Danube region"

Displaying best practice products, the MOVECO exhibition shows, how companies from the Danube region are successfully putting the vision of a resource-efficient circular economy in the practice. We - twelve MOVECO project partners and four strategic partners from ten countries in the Danube region - are working together to promote knowledge about the circular economy and to improve the framework conditions for circular products and business models in the Danube region.

Trendy bags made of old police uniforms, reusable and eco-friendly plastic moving boxes for rent, modern Bluetooth speakers from vintage radios - these are some innovative alternatives to the current linear ‘throwaway” economy'.

With the exhibition, we provide general information on the circular economy, the EU project MOVECO and the partner organizations involved in the project. Moreover, by displaying circular products and solutions, the exhibition addresses not only people who are already familiar with the concept of circular economy.

We would like to invite all interested persons to take a closer look at this topic, because our approach to the circular economy will have a long-lasting impact on future generations

The exhibition itself follows a 'zero-waste' approach: basically, it consists of reusable crates, wooden boards and cable ties - so that much of the materials can easily be returned to the economic cycles at the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition was built up during a staff exchange of Business Upper Austria (Biz-up), the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR) and the Cluster for Environmental Technology Bavaria (UCB). The MOVECO partners were joined by the Austrian designer from Kunst vom Rand.

Photo credit: MOVECO project

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(Photo credits: MOVECO project, Invitation: Design by IDEEN DIE FRUCHTEN)

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)