RADAR - Introduction of the Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads (RADAR) Partnership


The composition of the RADAR consortium provides an excellent combination of the scientific and technical approach, with experience in advocacy skills as well– all the necessary skills that will help with achieving the project objectives and goals. The project will boost knowledge, expertise and transnational cooperation, boosting institutional capacity and bringing huge benefit to the territories involved.

Project Partners (PP) and Associated Strategic Partners (ASP) represent almost all countries of the Danube Transnational Program Area. PPs are leading road safety organizations in the involved countries, often paired with the relevant road authorities as ASP in order to provide possibilities for implementation from the project’s findings.

The involvement of the European Union Strategy for Danube Region Priority Area 1b - Road, Rail and AIr links (EUSDR PA1b), International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) as well as South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO), as international ASPs, is providing an extension of project outputs and results to a more strategic and wider regional level. The external involvement of EBRD will use data for project appraisal for road sections.


Lead partner:

Associated strategic partners:




Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)