On the 21th and 22nd of March, the representatives of DTP participating countries met in Podgorica for the 7th Meeting of the Monitoring Committee (MC). Important topics were raised and fruitful discussions held.                                             

Important items were on the agenda of the event generating fruitful discussions and reaching final agreements and decisions. The most important topic was the selection of the 2nd call projects, 22 projects were conditionally approved. An overview of implementation of 1st call projects was presented as well as some ideas for the 3rd Call for Proposals were put forward.

Furthermore, MC members approved the Control Guidelines, while the Audit Authority approved the Technical Assistance Project Plan. Concerning the 1st Seed Money Facility call assessment the MC approved the eligibility checks.

The second day, DTP MC Members discussed in detail the main features of launching the Danube Strategy Point (DSP) Call. The latter Call aims to establish the DSP following the provisions of Specific Objective 4.2 of the Danube Cooperation Programme.

The rest of the meeting was allocated for presentations debriefing the first outcomes of the operational evaluation, affecting the programme management and implementation.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)