DIGITRANS - 3rd partners meeting in Varaždin, presentation of a DIGITRANS method for SME's and establishment of a working group “Digital Danube”


The 3rd official project meeting took place in Varaždin, Croatia, between 16th and 18th of April 2018. Three days of active work and collaboration were a perfect opportunity to review project achievements in previous periods, plan the next steps related to development of the DIGITRANS e-learning platform and blended training for SME’s.

Project DIGITRANS has been so far an example of a great cooperation between project partners which resulted in significant achievements to the date.

The first major output is a DIGITRANS method, a support framework for SME’s and other organizations that will help them to develop new digital business models. The method has already been used as a part of the pilot workshops in partners’ regions. Thus, the meeting was a great opportunity to reflect on the effectiveness of the method, discuss possible improvements and decide on next activities related to the blended learning trainings to start in May 2018.



On Wednesday evening on 18th of April 2018, the newly established “Digital Danube group” was officially presented during the event in Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, which was organized due to the visit from the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg headed by Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, who personally presented the Certification of establishment to the representatives of the working group.

Digital Danube working group consists of partner’s representatives from 7 European countries (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia) who jointly participate in the DIGITRANS - Digital Transformation project in the Danube region.

Establishing the "Digital Danube" working group is yet another step towards strengthening co-operation among partners from the Danube region countries, who will jointly work on digitization projects to help SME’s, academic institutions, public organizations and other target groups exploit the full potential of digital technologies and improve their business.


Source: www.baden-wuerttemberg.de


On Thursday, 20th of April 2018, project partners had the chance to simulate the DIGITRANS methods in specially set interactive environment. The method simulation was in a form of “parcour” setup where each step was represented as a single element with clear definition of its purpose. The workshop took place in Hotel Esplande in Zagreb.

Participants from Croatia and Baden-Württemberg (DE) had an opportunity to find out more about each particular step through the discussion with experts from DIGITRANS team and get information about possibilities to participate in blended learning trainings, which will commence in second half of 2018.

The method simulation workshop attracted many representatives from business and public sector as well as representatives from other Interreg Danube projects.

The whole event proved to be a great opportunity for disseminating project results and promoting future activities of the project, DIGITRANS among target groups and it was a starting point to explore new possibilities for cooperation with relevant partners on future project.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)