The main aim of the Infodesk is to provide support to stakeholders on the management of projects in research, technological and social innovation. Excellence-in-ReSTI Infodesk was finalized in December 2017. The Infodesk provides a number of functionalities to stakeholders in English and free of charge. First of all, stakeholders can send their questions via the web-form on topics related to the project. The next possibility is self-evaluation through specially designed Self-tests questionnaires. Users are able to assess their skills and gaps in subject areas related to the learning programme (research, social and technological innovation project management). 

A comprehensive Knowledge Base is available to those interested in the ReSTI project management. The Knowledge Base has free and open access. It contains: Collection of FAQs, Glossary of terms relevant for ReSTI projects, and Project Management Tools - a list of useful project management tools with description. (link)

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)