DANTE - The project is part of the DTP POST 2020 campaign



We are proudly announcing that the DANTE project is one of the four projects only, selected to convey the message on how important the transnational cooperation is in the framework of the campaign DTP POST 2020 under the message "Transnational cooperation funding is decisive in making macro-regional strategies work".

Many initiatives that underpin and implement the EUSDR are funded by the DTP and the majority of EUSDR Priority Areas are addressed by the DTP projects. Therefore, the DTP is well-suited to provide targeted solutions designed for the Danube region, bridging gaps between national and EU-wide initiatives. Moreover, the DTP provides direct financial support to the EUSDR, e. g. co-financing the activities carried out by the EUSDR Priority Area Coordinators (PACs).

A crew navigating the Danube River from Bavaria to the Black Sea needs to overcome hundreds of administrative barriers and fill in a very number of forms! The DANTE project aims at identifying and eliminating administrative barriers for inland waterway transport (IWT) on the Danube and its navigable tributaries. The participation of the project in different working groups created by the EU Strategy for the Danube Region will facilitate the involvement of public authorities responsible for these barriers in order to achieve the project results and ensure their real implementation on the ground. This project is a clear example on how the joint effort contributes to reach both the EUSDR and DTP targets.

More information on the DTP POST 2020 campaign is available here.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)