DTP co-organising the 6th EUSDR Annual Forum


As we already announced, this year the DTP is proud to be a co-organiser of the 6th EUSDR Annual Forum - two days of intense discussion and sharing of knowledge about challenges and solutions in the Danube region. The DTP will be in charge of a good portion of the second day: we are involved in four sessions as organisers and/or speakers.

During the plenary session "Danube Transnational Programme contributing to the Danube Region" we are going to present the audience the expectations of several stakeholders towards the DTP, and react to these expectations by showing present and expected achievements of the programme.

The plenary session is going to be followed by the DTP Capitalisation Workshop, divided into 12 groups according to the capitalisation poles of the DTP. With the aim of facilitating and supporting networking between stakeholders, the groups consist of several types of participants and are lead by Pole Leaders.

The "Present and Future of the Danube Transnational Programme" is a workshop, with outstanding popularity: 314 participants were admitted and will discuss the achievements of DTP and the possible improvements for the future. Furthermore, the functioning of transnational programmes (and the DTP in particular) will be explained, along with their strengths and added value.

Lastly, DTP will be present on the "Funding opportunities for the pillars of the EUSDR" workshop as well, where funding opportunities for each EUSDR pillar will be introduced.  DTP Project officers will participate as speakers!

To sum up, this is going to be an event of extreme importance and potential for the Danube Region and DTP - we look forward to all the fruitful exchanges and meeting several stakeholders during these two days!


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)