DANTE - DANTE project promotion and dissemination at international events (April – September 2017)


The DANTE team is using the opportunity to promote and disseminate the project activities to the wide audience at relevant events and discussions throughout the Danube region. In doing this, between May and September 2017 the DANTE partners participated at national and international events where massive interest was generated among private IWT stakeholders.

A few examples of such events are:   

  • General Assembly of Inland Navigation Europe in Budapest, Hungary on 15 May 2017
  • FAIRWay Danube User Forum, Ruse, Bulgaria on 30 May 2017
  • Danube Commission Workshop '17, Danube Commission in Budapest, Hungary on 08 June 2017
  • Investigation of opportunities for reducing the TEN-T network use within the cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria through optimization of the freight and passenger transport and the development of a joint mechanism for support of the intermodal connections, Ruse, Bulgaria on 20 June 2017
  • DTP DBS Gateway Region project kick-off, Ruse, Bulgaria on 21 June 2017
  • Argus East Europe Fertilizer Workshop ‘17, Budapest, Hungary on 22 June 2017
  • FAIRway User Forum, Mamaia, Romania on 28 June 2017
  • DTP 2nd Lead Partner Seminar, Budapest, Hungary on 28 June 2017
  • 8th Workshop on the Follow-up of the Joint Statement on Guiding Principles on the Development of Inland Navigation and Environmental Protection in the Danube River Basin, Zagreb, Croatia on 13-14 September 2017

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)