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Electric, Electronic and Green Urban Transport Systems – eGUTS, code DTP1-454-3.1-eGUTS is a project financed by the Danube Transnational Programme inside PA3 - Better connected and energy responsible Danube, SO3.1 Support environmentally-friendly and safe transport systems and balanced accessibility of urban and rural areas, with a total budget of 1.819.075 Euros.


eGUTS strives to exploit potentials of e-mobility in 9 Danube cities, regions and beyond, by developing  innovative eGUTS Standards for cities supporting e-mobility, based on combined Feasibility Studies, realizing Local Action Plans to deploy them. Implementation of eGUTS APP smart tool in seven Pilot Actions in the fields of road preference and parking policies, charging stations, rental spots, and more is previewed..

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Following the 1st Partner Meeting and the eGUTS Opening Conference entitled “State-of-the-Art in European eMobility Perspectives”, held both during 1-2 March 2017 in Rust, Austria, the eGUTS project activities focused on the development of the fifth Feasibility Studies previewed in WP4, as follows:

  • D4.2.1 Electric charging stations development in urban areas
  • D4.2.2 Pedelecs vs ecars in urban transport system
  • D4.2.3 Local and Regional eMobility Policy Support
  • D4.2.4 Electro bus involvement into public transport fleets
  • D4.2.5 DYI Conversion provides step-by-step

The studies are investigating specific issue regarding electro-mobility in urban areas along Danube Region, creating thus the grounds to the future developed eGUTS Standards, eGUTS Local Action Plans and Terms of Reference, DTP eMob Strategy and serving to implementation of the Pilot Actions.


Feasibility Studies are taking into consideration EU and DTP area as well as national specifics, considering global trends and including list of measures supporting realisation of e-mobility where appropriate, feeding into pilot actions several measures defined.


Meantime, have also started the preparation activities for implementation of the fist Pilot project which will be implemented in Paks, Hungary, pilot comprising parking policy preferences for e-vehicles, electric charging station installation and e-rental stations implementation. The preparation activities consists of gathering the technical specification, the framework for development, testing and implementation, technical documentation and list of documents for users and operators and public procurement for the external services. 


Pilot actions are meant to:

  • Pilot - charging & rental stations for e-vehicles, based on the developed eGUTS standards, implement measures established in the DTP eMOB Strategy;
  • Test - usage of e-vehicles, functionality of eGUTS APP;
  • Demonstrate - implementation of sustainable GREEN transport systems, reduction of classic fuel consumption and  CO2 emissions, possibility of large usage of transnational eGUTS smart solution demonstrated by the implementation of the pilot projects in all participating countries.

More details about the eGUTS demarches and activities you can find out from the eGUTS project website.


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)