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From Velika Polana to Apatin, through five countries and along Mura, Drava and Danube rivers, from August to October, first International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival took place. Over 1.700 people of all ages participated in 11 events organized by project partners and had a chance to enjoy cycling through the pristine riverine landscape of future 5-country Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube.

First project partner to break the ice was Municipality of Velika Polana with the first cycling festival as a part of our International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival. On August 3rd, "Amazon of Europe International Biking Festival – Fsi klačimo s Pücki po kolesarski poti evropske Amazonke" happened in Velika Polana, Slovenia, within Pomurje Summer Festival. Route from Velika Polana to Sveti Martin na Muri (Croatia) and back to Velika Polana was long around 15,20 km and it was suitable for all kinds of bikes and cyclists. They were accompanied by a fire truck and some oldtimer cars who traditionally participate in this kind of festivals.


CDA OBC from Osijek went even further with organizing cycling event within International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival! They spanned it through two months and three events – Gumiranje, Febire 2019 and Celebration of the International Drava River Day.

Gumiranje was the first event and took place at the end of August. Participants cycled 7 km and then replaced bikes with tubes in order to enjoy Drava river in a unique summer way.


The central event of the Festival was a 3-day event named Febire 2019 in September. This event Febire is a sport - recreation and tourism - cultural project for all generations and has 13 years-long tradition. During the three days, participants had a chance to join workshops, cycle through the city of Osijek and on the third day to cycle from Osijek, Beli Manastir (30 km) Belišće or Vukovar (60 km) to the final destination - House in Nature Zlatna Greda. Few days after Febire, a celebration of the International Drava River Day 2019 was organized for the second time in Osijek. Workshops for children and photo exhibition were organized in Osijek while sports competitions, workshops and school in nature by the River school in Sarvaš were organized.

CDA OBC was maybe project partner to organize few events in September, but certainly not the first one! Tourism Board of Međimurje County organized group ride from Čakovec to Prelog, on 7th of September, to promote the beautiful Drava valley as an exciting cycling destination. Despite the announcements of bad weather, cycling enthusiasts gathered and started their Drava adventure.  After the lunch at Prelog participant continued their cycling adventure through Hrženica, Zamlaka, Šemovec, Gornji Kuršanec to their final destination – Čakovec.


Although mid-September was a bit crowded with cycling events, cyclists had no excuses for missing one of our International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival events. On 14th September two events took place. Bad Radkersburg was starting point for all cyclist who wanted to enjoy 48 km long ride through wonderful forest landscape to Mureck. At the same time cross-border, family cycling tour was organised by SMVKA in Hungary from Barcs to Križnica in Croatia.

Also on the same date, 21st of September, Koprivnica-Križevci County and West Pannon Nonprofit Ltd organized cycling events within International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival. Cycling festival organized by Koprivnica-Križevci County was formally opened with a defile of old-timer club members and their circle drive around City Park in Koprivnica. The event was continued with a bike tour from Koprivnica to Gabajeva Greda Lake, which is 20 km away.

A bit different event was organized by West Pannon Nonprofit Ltd. They combined cycling and rafting! The meeting point was at the Cultural Centre of Lenti where locals could get to know the project and its goals, while the cycling part of the event meant around 20 km of cycling from Lenti to Kerkaszentkirály, which is the planned route of future AoE Bike Trail. Rafting part of the event, which was from Kerkaszentkirály to Muraszemenye (Alsószemenye) on river Mura and two smaller sidearms of it (river Lendva and Kerka), was great opportunity to have a sense of amazing future 5-country Biosphere Reserve through its rivers.

A few days later, on 23rd of September, Public institution for management of protected parts of nature and ecological network of Virovitica-Podravina County, organized cycling event for students from Informative and educational centre The Drava story in Noskovci to Sopje and back, which was 22 km long. Although it was a long ride for kids, they enjoyed a short detour to the river bank. With half-an-hour rest cyclists were ready to return to the IEC The Drava story in Noskovci where tasty and well-deserved lunch was waiting for them.  

Beginning of October, our final month for the festival was marked by cycling event organized by the City of Sombor. On the 5th of October, participants gathered for cycling from Sombor to Bački Monoštor and back. With the stop at Bački Monoštor where several short presentations about the safety of cyclists, planned Amazon of Europe Bike Trail route and our project were held. After cycling, all participants could taste traditional delicacies.

Two last events which had a chance to close this year International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival took place on 19th of October and were organized by Municipality of Apatin and Balaton-felvidék National Park. Participants at Apatin had a chance to cycle through Apatin and parts along the Danube and Special Nature Reserve "Upper Danube". The Festival ended with a joint gathering in the Marina Apatin, where a short presentation about the project was held, but also about the natural and river resources of the Municipality of Apatin and the "Upper Danube" nature reserve. The youngest participants had fun on a small cycling polygon. For all participants, numerous prizes were provided in the form of refreshments, sweets, fluorescent vests, bicycle lights and bicycle helmets for the youngest and oldest festival participants.

Event organized by Balaton-felvidék National Park started in Bázakerettye from where participant took a train ride to the village Csömödér. The train ride was a perfect chance to present our project and planned bike route to all interested. From the train station, participants cycled to the village of Szécsisziget where they visited Kerka Mill and Museum and enjoyed some refreshments. From there they continued cycling on Tormafölde-Vétyem-Budafapuszta- Bázakerettye route. That event was the final one within our International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival.

Although summer is still far away we can still invite you to our next International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival 2020! Until then – cycle and get ready for new adventures along Amazon of Europe Bike Trail!




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