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Dear readers,


It has been a busy last six months for ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project.  We have carried out and completed many tasks and events along the way, which we are very eager and willing to share with everybody.



Platforms of territorial attractiveness indicators


Common territorial attractiveness monitoring platform and its national variations (National territorial attractiveness monitoring platforms) are in operation.  Each are being updated with the required and relevant data as to make the platforms a modern and practical tool for all groups of users. Who could be the user?  Public authorities (state, regional, local), business sector, academia, NGOs, wide public. Try and test common platform and national ones.


Links to all partner countries N-TAMPs:





The Territorial Attractiveness Atlas of the Danube Region


The first of our main project output documents was published on the 30.11.2018 in the form of the Territorial Attractiveness Atlas of the Danube Region.  The atlas uses a set of territorial attractiveness indicators which are elaborated in a set of transnational maps covering areas such as environmental, socio-cultural, economical and institutional affairs.


Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platform: A Handbook for Policy Makers


Also, on the 30.11.2018 the second of our important project output documents was released, the Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platform: A Handbook for Policy Makers.  An important guidance for the platform, how to understand, operate and use it for various purposes.


Capacity Building Seminars


After finishing the three National Workshops each partner country is ready to meet you at one of three Capacity Building Seminars.  The aim of these seminars is to educate and familiarise the potential users of the platforms.  Therefore, creating an interest in their use and for a general evaluation and discussion about future improvements and applications, contents and use of indicators.  A Memorandum of Cooperation is hoped to be signed at the end of these seminars for a more committed use of the platforms.  Follow us on ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Facebook webpage to know about the exact dates of these seminars in each country.


Final Project Conference


“Save this date!!’’ – 28. – 29.5.2018 Final Project Conference.  Taking place in Hotel Jama in the Postojna Cave Park, Slovenia.  A very important and key event marking the end of our successful project cooperation and partnership, come and see the results and discuss possible follow-up.




Finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2019, thank you to all for the great work and cooperation throughout 2018 and wishing you all a successful and fruitful year for 2019…


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