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European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 – Final Conference, 6 – 7 December, Vienna


In cooperation with the European Commission the Austrian EU Presidency of the Council of Europe organises the Closing Conference of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 #EuropeForCulture. The conference will focus, on the one hand, on presenting the variety of activities carried out during the thematic year and, on the other hand, on the question „What remains of the Cultural Heritage Year and how can ideas be further developed and integrated into cultural policies?“


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Danube Culture Platform – Online Survey on the Need of a Funding Scheme for Culture in the Danube Region


As a first step of a feasibility study, the Danube Culture Platform carries out a survey on the need of a funding scheme for culture in the Danube Region. The aim is to collect knowledge and sense the need for a potential funding scheme for artists and culture institutions in the Danube Region.


Please respond to the online survey until 15 December 2018.


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All project partners of the "Danube Culture Platform" attended the 4th Steering Committee Meeting in Regensburg on Thursday, 11 October 2018 to discuss the project status, actual and upcoming tasks. Afterwards, the Working Group Meeting 6 focussing on the development of the implemented pilot projects and their different stage of realisation took place. Within the "Danube Culture Platform" the pilot projects follow the concept of making the invisible hidden heritage visible and usable in terms of cultural tourism through artistic and technological approach.


The next day the Working group meeting 7 "Creating memorable experiences. An interdisciplinary journey to art and history" draw attention to the expert community in the fields of art, culture and tourism. It offered new and deeper insights in the main topic of the "Danube Culture Paltform" which dedicates itself to the hidden heritage. The first part of the workshop “Developing cultural routes strategies” discussed a proposal for an interpretation framework for the hidden heritage in the Danube region and its possible contribution to the European cultural routes. The second part of the working group meeting “Artist-in-Residence programmes as a tool for facilitation of history” showed that especially the arts are of vital importance for the interpretation of hidden heritage.


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On 17th October 2018 a public consultation with the theme of hidden citadels – Ada Kaleh citadel was organized in Drobeta-Turnu Severin at the multifunctional pavilion in Crihala Forest, as part of CultPlatForm_21 project. The event was attended by 65 people from different institutions and relevant stakeholders at national level. The purpose of the public consultation was to present the CultPlatForm_21 project as well as the study on hidden heritage in Romania and its main findings. Furthermore, a discussion on creative means of capitalization on hidden heritage, especially related to the Danube River and the Drobeta-Turnu Severin – Orșova region, was developed.


The Ministry of Culture and National Identity of Romania (PP3) introduced the concept of the pilot project to be implement as part of CultPlatForm_21, which is going to be an International Art Festival organized in Drobeta-Turnu Severin and dedicated to the topic of hidden citadels and in particular to Ada Kaleh citadel. The last part of the public consultation was dedicated to a debate involving all the participants for brainstorming ideas, proposals or challenges regarding the process of organizing this event.


The public consultation concluded with a brief presentation of the immediate next steps: to keep the participants informed about the development of the pilot project and further consult them on concrete proposals for the Arts Festival (possibly by means of an online questionnaire), which could be the base for the activities organized during the event. In addition, a general aim was proposed for the Art Festival that is to become a manifesto of the local community and local public authorities to recover the Șimian Island and Ada Kaleh citadel so that in the future this site could host other editions of the festival.


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