The beginning of the international research and promotion Camp Slovenia 2018 is coming closer day by day. That is why we wanted to introduce its program to you and take the chance to invite everybody to the opening event. However more of this later.

January 2018 marked the start of the second year of our Iron-Age-Danube project. During the last year, much has happened. From the Kick-Off event in January/February 2017, to the Archaeology Camp Austria 2017, the Archaeology Camp Croatia 2017 and the mini-conference in Budapest. However, the camps with their archaeological field work and meetings of the participating partners were not everything that happened.


Archaeology Camp Croatia 2017. Geophysics at excavation site in Jalžabet. Credits: UMJ, A. Hellmuth Kramberger.


In the meantime, there were project partners doing geophysical prospections and their analysis, piling up many hours of flight to produce a huge amount of aerial photographs. Others were working on the establishment of new digital features to make the Iron Age in the Danube region more attractive for the locals and tourists. Others again started collections of Iron Age sites in our project region as well as of known archaeological open-air museums and reconstructions to gain knowledge of the possible best practice for similar sites in our micro-regions.

 Aerial photograph of Százhalombatta. Credits: ELTE.


Now we are at beginning of our second year and one of its main parts, the Iron-Age-Danube International Research and Promotion Camp Slovenia 2018:


Wednesday, 7th of March 2018

National Museum of Slovenia, Metelkova 1, Ljubljana

10.00-12.00: Presentations at Archaeology in 2017, annual meeting of the Slovene Archaeological Association.


Friday, 9th of March 2018

Museum of Dolenjska, Muzejska ulica 7, Novo mesto

18.00: Opening of the Iron-Age-Danube Archaeological Camp Slovenia 2018.


Opening address by Damjana Pečnik, state secretary at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Jasna Dokl Osojnik, director of the Museum of Dolenjska, Gregor Macedoni, Mayor of Novo mesto, and Jože Muhič, Mayor of Dolenjske Toplice and Dr. Matija Črešnar from University of Ljubljana will open the evening event.

Lecture Princesses or servants in the Early Iron Age Dolenjska (in Slovene) by Acad. prof. emer. dr. Biba Teržan, member of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in honour of the International Women’s day (8th of March).

Visit of Novo Mesto’s princely couple, they will open a Hallstatt-themed reception.

Demonstration of Iron-Age beadmaking by the glass designer Natalija Kukec.










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