Processing of Acid Sludges with Hydrocarbon Content

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources

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    Matej Bel University

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    Acid tar or acid sludge is a hazardous waste generated during oil refining during production of different products (for industry, chemical or cosmetic purposes) with a high ratio of hydrocarbon content.
    There is 135 000 m3 of this kind of waste in Slovakia and it is present for 30 years with its impact upon the surrounding environment.
    The challenge consists in establishing parameters suitable for acid tar processing through thermic desorption.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    The main objective of the project is to obtain an oil product from the acid tar/sludge.
    The general objective of the project is protection of the environment through removal of toxic historical environmental burden which is present for 30 years,

    Main results and core outputs

    Core outputs should be final substance - an oil product with its parameters in accordance with the legal act on fuels.

    Main foreseen activities

    A set of tests on different conditions (mostly pressure and temperature) of acid tar processing. According to the course of tests and the results obtained during the test, possible activity of the project may be development of the thermic desorption unit targeting to the acid tar composition.

    Additional activity may be to extend the project to the additional kind of waste (not only acid tar/sludge) with the content of organic content.

    Innovative character of the project idea

    Innovative character of the project idea consists in development of technology in order to obtain the oil product, which so far not have been reached.
    According to the theoretical knowledges of the research team (professor, assoc. professor, doctor, two private companies with the patent related to the technology of upgraded thermic desorption unit and experienced in processing of PCBs waste and plastic waste in order to obrain an oil product in accordance with national technical standard).

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    4 m Eur

    Estimated duration
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    36 months

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    Anna Bohers


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)