Lead Applicants Seminar - 2nd call for proposals

Budapest, 9th February 2017

The DTP organises this seminar to support potential applicants, namely new ones, in the preparation of proposals for the 2nd call.

The DTP invites project applicants to already start preparing their applications in view of the launch of the 2nd call for proposals in Spring 2017 (see related documents).

Considering the limited number of available places, the following rules of participation applied:

          - Only 1 representative per institution is permitted

          - Priority to this event (not to the 2nd call) will be given to those institutions which did not apply to the 1st call of the DTP or do not have any previous experience in submitting ETC/Interreg proposals

          - Only those people who will actually plan to write and submit a proposal in the framework of the 2nd call are invited to attend the seminar

Download here the AGENDA of the seminar and some PRACTICAL INFORMATION.


If you have alreadty received a confirmation email to attend the seminar, please read carefully all the documents related to the 2nd call for proposals before coming to the event.

Most of the seminar presentations will be recorded and uploaded to the DTP website. We invite all those applicants who are not able to attend the seminar to watch the videos (available in the DTP website after the seminar).

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)