TRANSGREEN Integrated Transport and Green Infrastructure Planning in the Danube-Carpathian Region for the Benefit of People and Nature

Transport planning conference. Bratislava. September 5-6, 2018

“Sustainable Transportation Planning in the Carpathians. Latest developments and steps forward”
Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, 5-6 September 2018

Why? Purpose & aim of the event

  • To learn about recent developments in the Carpathians & to raise awareness on the need for cross-sectoral approaches on sustainable transportation infrastructure development in the Carpathians, 
  • To gain feedback for preliminary findings of the TRANSGREEN Project for better integration of stakeholders’ needs in the documents to be developed,
  • To prepare the basic background for elaborating the Carpathian Convention Strategic Action Plan on Sustainable Transportation in the Carpathians

Who is attends the conference?

Approximate number of participants 80-100.

  • International stakeholders:

           - Members of Carpathian Convention Working Groups on Biodiversity, Sustainable Transport, Spatial Planning and of the  Implementation Committee
           - EU representatives (DG Environment, European Environment Agency (TBC), EU Working Group on Green Infrastructure, EUSDR PA1b & PA6 coordinators plus Steering Group members)
            - Alpine Convention representatives

  • National public authorities: Carpathian Countries Ministries of the Environment, Transport and Spatial Development representatives we are working with and from other countries (e.g. Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria)
  • Regional public authorities
  • Sectoral agencies: Nature Conservation Agencies, landscape protection authority, agencies dealing with EIA, spatial planning, regional development
  • Infrastructure and (public) service providers: motorway & railway companies & authorities
  • Interest groups: NGOs, universities, research institutions, natural resource managers (farmers, hunters, foresters etc)
  • Experts: IENE representatives, DTP Thematic Pole 6 Projects related to transport

What? Short agenda

Who organizes?

WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme, Slovak National Motorway Company (NDS), CEEweb for Biodiversity (Project Partners), Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention with content support from IENE - Infra Eco Network Europe

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)