TalentMagnet Improved Institutional Capacities and New Multilevel Governance for Talent Attraction and Retention in the Danube Region

  • TalentMagnet - TalentMagnet Chatbot for supertalents
    - 11-01-2021
    TalentMagnet Chatbot for supertalents

    TalentMagnet project developed a chatbot for entertaining talents. During the game, you will talk to a chatbot, who evaluates your performance. You can start the chatbot by clicking this link: https://m.me/TalentMagnetProject  

  • TalentMagnet - Cooperation with tetRRIs project
    - 11-11-2020
    Cooperation with tetRRIs project

    We are happy to inform all of our partners and friends, that our TalentMagnet project will work together with Project Tetrris , which will help us to magnetize the aspects of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) into our...

  • TalentMagnet - Private Sector Survey
    - 03-11-2020

    Be motivated, help us, and we will help you to attract and retain your talents. You can fill-in TalentMagnet's Private Sector Survey at this link:  https://talentmagnet.ios-regensburg.de/private-sector-survey/

  • TalentMagnet - Young Talent Survey is available
    - 03-11-2020

    TalentMagnet's Young Talent Survey is now available! What a great survey, amazing, interesting questions! Don't hesitate to fill it in as soon as possible!  https://talentmagnet.ios-regensburg.de/young-talent-survey/

  • TalentMagnet - TalentMagnet eNewsletter (Issue 1) available
    - 06-10-2020
    TalentMagnet eNewsletter (Issue 1) available

    We are extremely glad to inform all TalentMagnet friends that our first eNewsletter is available. Read the interview with Danilo, Béla and Miki - the "Founding Fathers" of TalnetMagnet about the background of the project. Look at the wonderful...

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