SMART FACTORY HUB Improving RD and business policy conditions for transnational cooperation in the manufacturing industry

Learning Demonstrational Workshop

During the previous months, the partners of the project collected their Smart Factory innovation Solutions.

Each partner in his/her region identifies at least 10 Smart Factory Solutions based on communication and individual meetings with the solution providers.

The main aim of these workshops is to present the innovation solutions of each region. Relevant scientific and research institutions, researchers from universities, technology development companies and industry representatives from the Danube region are also invited to the workshop as well as interested potential users of the best practices solutions.

Within the international event Innovation days in Belgrade on 30. May 2018 in the Science-technology Park held the first demonstration learning workshop. This workshop is the part of the planned activities within the project.

Bringing together a pool of relevant actors in order to share best practice experiences, the workshop gives insights on the business and technology development within the given country SMEs, opportunity for networking and initiating or developing collaborative projects with companies and/or research organizations, fostering innovation and ultimately possibility to accelerate the pace of change in industry development.

Date of the LDWs:


You can find the LDWs on Facebook too, and some of them already  have a detailed agenda: 

  1. Bratislava ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop    (AGENDA)
  2. Stuttgart ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop      (AGENDA)
  3. Zagreb ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop         (AGENDA)
  4. Maribor ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop        (AGENDA)
  5. Sofia ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop            (AGENDA)
  6. Pilsen ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop           (AGENDA)
  7. Cluj-Napoca ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop 
  8. Linz ~ Learning Demonstration Workshop












Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)