SMART FACTORY HUB Improving RD and business policy conditions for transnational cooperation in the manufacturing industry

DTP Capitalisation Strategy - THEMATIC POLE 1



Innovative Ecosystems for SMEs has been defined as follows:

Innovative Ecosystem brings together organizations and partners whose main goal is to enable and foster technology development and innovation.

In other words, the Innovative Ecosystem shall, in the scope of the DTP programme, enable collaborative innovation between project partners, their stakeholders and target groups, through combining complementary resources, systems and support, with a clear goal to generate new products, features, processes, services or value.

The collaborative aspect is utmost important since it creates value that cannot be produced by the organization on its own.

Smart Factory HUB project, as member of Thematic Pole 1, is involved in the common activities from the beginning of the project. In the fourth period SFH project is approaching the most important phase, with many public activities on the field in the whole Danube area.

Under the SFH project, a number of events will be organized, where Smart factory solution providers and production-oriented SMEs will meet and exchange knowledge, services and products related to Smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

These events are promoted through the Thematic pole 1 with the goal to address all other projects in this area to join and create cross-networking between projects and partners.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)