RESTART_4Danube Boosting cREative induSTries in urbAn Regeneration for a stronger Danube region

The number of urban regeneration (UR) initiatives promoted by European cities is rising. The new status quo is that UR strategies should encompass an integrated approach. Cities face challenges to develop a culture that generates public/private synergies to promote SMEs & stimulate creative urban communities. They need to tailor their UR policies to local specificities and assets & integrate local stakeholders.

In line with the Programme, we identified 2 main challenges:

  • Lack of transnational cooperation & coordination on institutional level hindering R&I potential of the Danube region (DR)
  • Insufficient capability of SMEs to adapt to innovation needs

These challenges convey the following needs:

  • To establish a transnational creative UR network to improve cross-linkages & optimize internal synergies between creative & cultural industries (CCIs), R&D & public sector in UR in the DR
  • To institutionalize exchange of good practice in UR
  • To implement pilot actions based on open innovation via smart specialization strategies (S3) & KETs
  • To strengthen service, social & eco-innovation capacities of SMEs

25 partners from 12 countries will support RESTART_4Danube’s main objective to improve the framework conditions & policy instruments supporting S3 for a new model of UR involving CCIs. The project includes a quadruple helix partnership to develop new types of governance & public policies in an innovative approach combining tandems & follower cities.

The envisaged results are a significantly improved transnational & institutional cooperation, and an enhanced capacity building - mostly thanks to the Local Action Plans & innovative trainings in UR.

The activities will produce 10 outputs improving innovative framework conditions in UR (SO 1.1):

  • 1 common strategy
  • 1 set of tools for Creative Urban Regeneration
  • 5 Local Action Plans
  • 1 package of cooperation agreements between entreprises and R&D
  • 1 package of Readiness Level Audits
  • 1 training toolkit
Boosting  cREative induSTries in urbAn Regeneration for a stronger Danube region
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 1,814,895
ERDF Contribution: 1,348,100
IPA Contribution: 57,710.75
ENI Contribution: 136,850
Call number
Call 3
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Improve framework conditions for innovation


Filename Date of upload
Agenda policvil WS R4D 24.02.21 Craiova.pdf 22-02-2021 14:29:39
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Lead partner Romania
School of Advanced Social Studies ERDF partner Slovenia
IPA - Research and development company, engineering and manufacturing for automation equipments and systems ERDF partner Romania
University of Maribor ERDF partner Slovenia
Croatian Chamber of Economy ERDF partner Croatia
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Project News

  • RESTART_4Danube - 1st Policivil Workshop - Craiova, Romania
    - 22-02-2021

    On 24.02.2021, the Municipality of Craiova and IPA CIFATT Craiova are delighted to invite you to the first Policivil Workshop in the frame of the RESTART_4Danube project. The objective of the workshop is to debate the challenges, needs, ideas...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Kick-Off Event, 15th of October 2020
    - 29-09-2020

    Mid October RESTART_4Danube meets with the stakeholders and all interested regional actors. The agenda of the day mainly consists in topics like digital innovation hubs, Artificial Intelligence, Urban Regeneration and much, much more, with focus...

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)