REDISCOVER Rediscover, expose and exploit the concealed Jewish heritage of the Danube Region

Rediscover Brand Manual

Discovering something means finding something interesting unexpectedly during a search.
When it comes to Jewish heritage and history, it is important to mention that we all have some knowledge about it: we learned about it in school, heard about it in the media, know the basic symbols as the David Star or the menorah. We came across synagogues in several European cities.
Rediscovering Jewish heritage means changing our glasses through which we observe the world. It involves the excitement of finding both something new and unexpectedly interesting. For tourists, it also means finding a secret treasure, a piece of history during a “search”, and exploring a city.

Brand slogan
One heritage in eight countries

The slogan of the brand helps the tourist get acquainted with the diversity of the Jewish heritage and realize its many forms of appearance. In addition, it strengthens the unity and common origin of these legacies, at the same time emphasizing that this heritage spans a unity across many countries.

Brand Manual

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