RARE Changing Discourses, Changing Practices: The Roma as Human Resource

  • RARE - Romani Café in Finland
    - 17-07-2018
    Romani Café in Finland

    Owners of first Romani café say they want it to bridge cultures   News server Yle reports that in mid-June the National Romani Forum in Finland announced that a business called Café Rom in the town of Kotka had become the first...

  • RARE - Romani entrepreneurs push for unemployed Roma to be hired for Czech bark beetle eradication
    - 18-06-2018

    Romani entrepreneurs push for unemployed Roma to be hired for Czech bark beetle eradication Czech firms are complaining that they do not have enough laborers for forestry work and that they are understaffed by thousands.The Association of...

  • RARE - "When you do something you love, you become the best version of yourself"
    - 14-05-2018
    "When you do something you love, you become the best version of yourself"

    Remember, being different can mean being better: Just lead by example and keep reaching up Last but not least read 3 stories of outstanding people from Serbia. Ljiljana Lekić Be close I always counted myself lucky to have...

  • RARE - The famous artist, the social worker, the inspector and the organizer
    - 11-05-2018
    The famous artist, the social worker, the inspector and the organizer

    In the framework of RARE project we share special stories from Romania and Slovakia. Eugen Raportoru – Roma artist & painter   "I feel joy and honor that I exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London! My biggest exhibition...

  • RARE - Role Models from Czech Republic and Hungary
    - 09-05-2018
    Role Models from Czech Republic and Hungary

    Today we introduce you our heroes-similar to Avangers- from Czech Republic and Hungary.   Julius Mika, Czech Republic   It was a surprise in 2007 when 18 Roma schoolchildren from Ostrava won their lawsuit against the Czech...

  • RARE - Role Models from Bulgaria
    - 07-05-2018
    Role Models from Bulgaria

    RARE (Roma as a Human Resource) aims to change this situation and encourage partnerships between institutions, governments and organizations to provide access to the labor market and to harness the economic potential of the Roma people. The RARE...

  • RARE - Our heroes-The Right Roma on the Job!
    - 01-05-2018

    We commemorate equal work rights and bring to the attention of Europe's employees and employers that together we can improve the working conditions and access of the Roma people in the labor market. We celebrate and revaluate on Roma people - our...

  • RARE - The Right Roma on the Job!
    - 01-05-2018

    On May 1st, all 8 countries involved in the RARE: Changing Discourses, Changing Practices: The Roma as Human Resource project celebrate together the rights of Roma people on the labor market  in a common campaign for the International Labor Day....

  • RARE - Romani barber builds salon in small town despite local prejudices
    - 18-04-2018

    Dalibor Ferenc has fought to the end and won what he has long been desiring, namely, the opportunity to build his own hairdressing salon in a small town in the Žilina Region in northern Slovakia. The 23-year-old has managed to overcome a...

  • RARE - International Roma Day
    - 06-04-2018

    Let’s celebrate together on the 8th of April. The past of Roma and non-Roma people intertwine more than the majority of people would believe. Roma people are a vital part of the European society. Roma people make Europe great too! This...

    - 12-02-2018

    MAPPING DEFICIENCIES AND CHALLENGING BARRIERS “Roma do not, and will not work” is perhaps the most wide-spread stereotype expressed in personal interviews among people from different regions and different walks of life. What the very same...

  • RARE - Field visit in Őrkő
    - 31-01-2018

    A stakeholder consultation was organized in the framework of RARE project in Őrkő, Romania. One of the pilot projects will start soon in this neighbourhood. Project partners visited the local primary school and the community centre as...

  • RARE - Roma entrepreneurs
    - 23-01-2018

    Let us introduce you two women, whom have a prosperous company of their own. Read their personal and touchy stories from the beginnings to the present.   “As a woman, a lady, a single mother, I have encountered many obstacles in terms of...

  • RARE - Vasilitsa - Roma New Year
    - 16-01-2018

    CIDT Amalipe and students from secondary school, Suhindol visited the Labor Office Directorate, Veliko Tarnovo on the occasion of the Vasilitsa - Roma New Year. This is one of the ways through which the organization strives to present the...

  • RARE - Stakeholder meeting in Serbia
    - 08-01-2018
    Stakeholder meeting in Serbia

    Different stakeholders should intensify their efforts to exchange ideas about systemic, strategic and practical measures which could help tackle Roma exclusion from labour market- agreed all participants on the stakeholder meeting in Serbia. It...

  • RARE - Merry Christmas!
    - 22-12-2017
    Merry Christmas!

    RARE team wish you a merry christmas and a very happy new year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WiVY1OzNsc

  • RARE - An open door is not enough
    - 20-12-2017

    The Politico Magazine has published a report on the situation of Roma employe in Brussels. "Of the 80-odd young Roma who participated in a Commission traineeship scheme between 2005 and 2015, not one ended up with a permanent position...

  • RARE - Stakeholder meeting in Bulgaria
    - 04-12-2017

    A Stakeholder Meeting was organized by CIDT Amalipe in Bulgaria. The meeting was attended by representatives of the local employers, municipalities in the area, representatives of the Labor Offices of the Veliko Tarnovo District, the Syndical...

  • RARE - Roma in the EU face antigypsyism and everyday discrimination
    - 02-11-2017

    According to most members of the European Parliament (EP), Romani people throughout the European Union (EU) are being denied access to education, employment and health care. Some are forcibly displaced and racist assaults on them are investigated...

  • RARE - Minimum wage jobs
    - 19-09-2017

    Czech journalist Saša Uhlová has gone undercover to work in the laundry room of a hospital, in a poultry processing plant, as a cashier in a supermarket chain, in a factory producing electric razors, and in a waste sorting plant. She recorded her...

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