NewGenerationSkills - Unlocking the potentials for business and social innovation in the Danube Region by equipping young people with new generation skills

Young generations have the potential to be pro-active engines of innovation and become change-makers in their local communities.  However, 62% of young people in Central and Eastern Europe are not interested in starting their own business, whereas one in five would like to, but consider it too difficult. This weak entrepreneurial culture and missing innovation management capacities are recognized as a key challenge in the Danube Region. Unlocking youth’s unexploited potential starts at local level by developing their skills and competences and creating an enabling environment to help them become their ideas grow their innovative ideas into ventures with high social added value, potentially taken up by the private & public sectors transnationally.
The project will upgrade existing cooperation mechanisms between its key target group of quadruple helix actors including local municipalities, as facilitators, along with organisations representing local youth, education, and the business sector to create innovative local support schemes going beyond existing fragmented initiatives taking the form of INNOVATION LABS joined in a transnational network. Interweaving innovation and youth entrepreneurship support will contribute to bridging the gap between education and new generation skills needed for navigating in the changing world of work. Through organic, community based learning programs – DYNAMIC LEARNING PACKAGE, this novel support scheme will reach out to the youth, in particular young people (aged 15-29) in transition from education to the labour market, faced with major career decisions, who are motivated, but inadequately skilled to generate new ideas and take the first steps towards socially responsible, transformative entrepreneurship.
This youth focussed innovation support process will ultimately lead to better economic performance, lower brain drain and have a positive impact on the quality of the local working/living environment.

Unlocking the potentials for business and social innovation in the Danube Region by equipping young people with new generation skills
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Budget in Euro
Overall: 2121179,78
ERDF Contribution: 1564067,83
IPA Contribution: 238934,95
ENI Contribution: 0
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Call 1
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Increase competences for business and social innovation


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project leaflet 08-05-2017 14:47:13
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Local Government and Municipality of District 11 of Budapest, Újbuda Lead partner Hungary
PRIZMA Foundation for the improvement of employment possiblities, the institution ERDF partner Slovenia
Municipality of Maribor ERDF partner Slovenia
NOWA Training Counselling Projectmanagement ERDF partner Austria
akzente - center for equality and regional cooperation ERDF partner Austria
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Project News

  • NewGenerationSkills - School hackathon in Bulgaria
    - 18-10-2017

    School Hackathon: "Smart School 4 Smart School Children" was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, co-organized by Sofia Development Association (project partner in NGS) in September. The idea behind the event was to bring young people with bright ideas...

  • NewGenerationSkills - Second official meeting in Liberec, Czech Republic
    - 13-07-2017

    The NewGenerationSkills project had its 2nd partner meeting on 27-29 June 2017 in Liberec, Czech Republic. Besides the administrative - project management and financial - issues the project partners discussed the actual thematic tasks as...

  • NewGenerationSkills - Local Innovation Advisory Groups were set up
    - 22-06-2017

    In order to achieve our main purpose, namely to exploit the potential of local youth in catalysing (social) innovation to solve local challenges, public authorities have to design better policies and (youth support) measures. As...

  • NewGenerationSkills - Synergy workshop: Research – Innovation – Knowledge Society
    - 18-05-2017

    NewGenerationSkills project participated at an international workshop connected to “Innovative and Socially Responsible Danube Region” synergy in the framework of the cross-over capitalization process (launched by the Danube Transnational...

  • NewGenerationSkills - Project leaflet is available
    - 08-05-2017

    Dear Visitors, Our project leaflet is accessible HERE. If You're interested in the NewGenerationSkills project, please find the details in this nice booklet. 

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)